The Green Mountain Water Skiers Club in Vermont is dedicated to a wide variety of water skiing activities.  Members slalom, trick, jump, wakeboard, kneeboard, barefoot, and air chair, and many compete in tournaments.  The Club has an active voice in regulatory issues, as well as favorable support by state representatives and police.


7/26/12: We are using a Mail Chimp email service. Please go here and add yourself. The list serves all of AWSA Eastern Region. You can add yourself to the groups of interest.

2012: Membership payment by PayPal now offered. Join or renew online.

2011: Facebook page established. Note from Darlene: as much as I'm not happy with Facebook being a closed network, it is perhaps the easiest way for people to be informed of ski opportunities, find rides and ski partners, and to connect with the entire group. I have it set up so only friends can post. You can set your own Facebook account to let you get emails from people who post on your wall or pages that you follow.

I also set up two groups, a regular GMWS group and a tournament group. You can request to be added simply by becoming my friend or click "Ask to Join Group" at the upper right side of the group's page. You can also be added to a group by a friend who is already a member. Since groups require admin approval for you to join, you may have to wait for an admin to confirm your request. Admins can also block specific people from joining a group.

We will likely phase out the skier-to-skier network once the above groups catch on.

The 2010 Tom Costello Alan Rossi Slalom Derby included a full roster with 29 Class C competitors and 8 Fun Class. See review and photos.

The Club has an annual meeting in the March to May timeframe at which we review the past year's accomplishments, activities, government interactions, etc., elect new officers, ...and have fun.

One or more tournaments are hosted under the umbrella of the Club. All competitors including novices are welcome, and we frequently have elite/pro-level skiers in attendance.

As members' time permits, some are inclined to host additional events such as learn-to-ski days or fundraisers.

Please, join us in furthering the sport and everyone's enjoyment of it!  Your membership matters, especially right now while we work to improve the observer law. A large membership body makes a significant difference in the strength of our voice in regulatory issues. We have very low membership dues and strongly encourage anyone in Vermont who skis to join, regardless of whether you are in other clubs. We act as a state federation in many respects as well, regulatory participation and USA Water Ski issues included.

We welcome additional content for this website.  Please send us your email address, join, and please check our news.


2013 Tom Costello Alan Rossi Slalom Derby & Clinic

2013 scores are posted here.

Most scores can be found at USA WaterSki at this address by changing the tournament number at the end of the URL.

Lost and Found
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We receive a number of inquiries from visitors. Our members are located mostly in the northern half of the state and we ski many bodies of water in small groups, thus making it difficult to direct inquiries to the right person. Additionally, this website is staffed by a volunteer. For that reason, we ask you to peruse the materials on this site and the state's website in lieu of making an inquiry. There is also a wealth of info on the State Park website.

Membership allows us to have a strong legislative voice, such as in the recent passage of a modification to our Observer Law. Dues allow us financial flexibility. We encourage you to join online and then please put the check in the mail. We recognize that sometimes that is logistically the hardest part.