Tournament Results 2015

We had another great season capped by our annual Tom Costello Alan Rossi Slalom Derby tournament.  The weather cooperated again with light winds, sunny skies and temps up near 80.  The day’s best scores was Pat Morrill with 4@38 off 34mph, Bob Radimer 2@38 off 34mph, Bruce Epstein 2@38 off 32mph, Justin Campfield 4@35 off 34mph, and Jon Kusiak 2@35 off 36 mph. For the women Darlene McCormick got 3.5@28 off 32mph.

The day’s real highlights included Joe Bourgeois getting 1.5@35 off 34mph, and the Boys 2 duel between Will Bruzzese and Chase Gulick. This was Joe’s first tournament. Running a pass is the usual measure of success in one’s first tournament, but to get into 35 off is a truly incredible achievement! Big congrats to Joe! The boys put on a great show of their own by getting into 22 off 34mph.  Chase bested Will by one half a buoy with 1.5 @ 22. Both boys exhibited exceptional technique that is reminiscent of Chris Rossi & Jamie Beauchesne at their age. Much appreciation to everyone who worked hard to make our tournament a success.

A big thanks to Fred Costello for yet again providing the t-shirts in memory of Tommy and Alan!

This year’s Alan Rossi Award went to Randy Youngsma. Randy is a past Eastern Regional champ, has put on many tournaments, and has always been a mentor/friend to everyone he’s met, including Alan. We are sure that Alan would be very proud to have Randy the award winner.

Bruce Epstein, President

Slalom Clinic changed to July 2 due to weather

On Thursday, July 2 we have the one and only Jamie Beauchesne here in VT for another great ski clinic. This is a terrific opportunity to improve your skills for the ski season. The clinic will start at 8:00am at the Wrightsville Reservoir Boat Launch Area on Rte. 12 North of Montpelier. There will be 1/2 hour slots starting at 8:00am every half hour until noon and 1:00pm every half hour until 5:00pm. Noon to 1:00pm is lunch/schedule float time. Cost for the clinic is $40/set for club members. All non-members are $60/set. To secure your slot email the time period you would like to reserve, and either make payment by check or by PayPal using my email address ( My mailing address and email address are listed below. Any questions, please let me know. You can also call me anytime. Thanks! See you there!

Bruce Epstein
CELL: (802)272-5324

Green Mountain Water Skiers Annual Meeting


Our Annual Meeting will be held Monday May 18 at our home in Waterbury (address is below). Social time starts at 6:00 pm with Pizza provided. Bring your own beverage. Meeting will commence ~ 6:30 pm.

Agenda will include Treasure’s Report, Election of Officers, Membership status, Club Website, this year’s Tournament, scheduling Ski Clinic(s), Equipment Rentals, GMWS Sticker/Decal, the Alan Rossi Award, Waterbury Courses Update, and any other items. If you would like any other items added let me know. Please confirm if you will attend so we can order enough Pizza. You can email me at address below or respond directly below.

We had a great 2014. The Tom Costello / Alan Rossi Slalom Derby was again successful with great scores and conditions. Thanks to all who volunteered your time. The Jamie Beauchesne Clinic was supported by GMWS and Alan Rossi funding and again well attended. The 2014 Alan Rossi Award went to Mike Tilton from Natick, Mass. Mike is a talented, dedicated skier who has run the New England Slalom Championships for many years. The Tilton ski team raises money to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Alan would be very proud My sincere thanks to all of you who contacted me to support my efforts in the Worlds.

Our Club is what we make of it. Please make every effort to attend.

Bruce Epstein, President
13 South Pinnacle Ridge RD
Waterbury, VT 05676

Virtual Clinic Oct. 18

On 18 October, Bob Harris will be hosting another of his virtual clinics (also in person). Bob has hosted several of these this year with great success.

  1. Instructor: Bob Harris
  2. Date: 18 October
  3. Location: Paducah, KY
  4. Phone: 270-210-7552
  5. Email Bob

There will be more information provided on how to participate but it is important to get this out to our officials who are lacking a clinic credit and/or a tournament credit.

Bruce Epstein to Compete in World 35+

Our very own GMWS President, Bruce Epstein, will be competing in the World Over 35 Tournament next week at Sunset Lakes in Groveland, FL. Bruce is currently ranked #5 in the world for men 65 and over. Please send good energy his way during the qualifying round on Wednesday and the final on Sunday (see page 6 for schedule).

Bruce placed 2nd at the Nationals in Texas, and Donna placed 5th. Congratulations to both for their skill and consistency (notice the patience on the handle grab in the above photo)! We are truly lucky to have them as resources and friends.

Waterbury Reservoir Water Level in Danger

The Friends of Waterbury Reservoir have noted recent discussion about future management of the water level. A mailing of theirs explains all the detail and this can also be accessed at their “Call to Action” link. GMWS is asking you to either attend the Vt. Dept. of Environmental Conservation’s public information meeting on October 7, 2014, 6:30-8:30 at Thatcher Brook Primary School in Waterbury or write to Jeff Crocker, VT Dept. of Environmental Conservation, 1 National Life Dr., Main 2, Montpelier, VT 05620-3522, and express your concern that the water level be maintained at summer levels as it historically has so that everyone can enjoy the resource.

Tom Costello Alan Rossi Slalom Derby Huge Success!

Those attending were treated to great skiing. Five skiers got into 38 off including Pat Morrill, Jonathon Murray, Bob Radimer, Cole Maurer, and Bruce Epstein. Justin Campfield skied 2.5 @ 35 off as he gets closer and closer to his Nationals qualification. Shortline women Karen Bruzzese, Darlene McCormick, and Donna Epstein acquitted themselves well. John Witmer just missed getting into 22 off.  Joyce Dobbertin looked great skiing into 32mph 15 off. Boys II Chase Gulick age 11 and Will Bruzzese age 10 were terrific! The year to year improvement in their scores and technique are phenomenal. Their max speed has gone up from 30 to 34 and both are handling it well.   Last year Chase finished 3rd in the Regionals.  This year Will stepped to the plate and finished 2nd at the Regionals in Lake Placid.

It takes a lot of work to run a sanctioned tournament.  Our site also must be set up from scratch.  Everything must be brought in and taken out.  A big thank you to all that contributed including Bill Roll, Bob Smith, the Bruzzese’s, Justin Campfield, and John Witmer.  Darlene McCormick did her usual great job as Tournament Director.  Bill Roll and Bob & Val Smith deserve a special thank you for their efforts despite not skiing in the tournament!  Bill brush hogged the path to the dock and Bob & Val spent numerous hours on the course.    It would not have happened without you!

Our tournament is dedicated to the memory of Tommy and Alan.  Fred Costello again contributed tee shirts for everyone.  The Alan Rossi Award will be presented in early September.   You will be informed.   As Fred would say “keep ’em turning.”

Tournament 2014

15E016 Tom Costello Alan Rossi Slalom Derby

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Great weather for this year’s tournament. Pat Morrill emerged the victor with a personal best (twice) of 4@38-off! Darlene McCormick was the women’s winner despite Karen Bruzzese’s higher ability. Her son, Will, states that her strategy “isn’t working for her.” We’ll hope for better next year. Scores can be viewed here. Some photos are posted below. Others have been added to the random header images. Send photos if you’d like them included, or become an author and post for yourself.

Jamie Beauchesne Clinic Update Payment Info

We are getting time periods booked.  Slots are in 1/2 hour increments starting at 8:00am Friday August 22 at the Wrightsville Boat Launch.   Contact me by email or phone to get your slot.  I will do my best to get you into a time period that will work for you.  Cost is reduced to $40 with additional funds provided by the Club and the Alan Rossi Fund.  This is an incredible opportunity for world class personal coaching!  Please send a check made out to the Green Mt. Water Skiers to the address below.  Hope to see you there!

Bruce Epstein   /  (802)272-5324 cell
13 So Pinnacle Ridge Rd
Waterbury, VT 05676